20+ Best Burger Theme For All Time

Apr 15, 2022 | Fast-Food & Pizza

Welcome to the best and the longest collection of responsive burger theme.

Are you a burger-shop owner or a developer of a burger site and looking for a great collection of burger related themes that could give you a perfect and responsive theme to make your site like modern and professional ones? If your reply is yes, don’t worry, you are in the right place where you are diving into the longest and the best (probably) collection of burger WordPress themes those themes are awesome high-quality and classic type themes that literally allow you to create any kind of fast-food related site within just a few steps.

Managing and controlling all the options and activities on the internal side or on the external side is very simple just because of being created in WordPress CMS which is the best and most popular CMS in this present world.

Anyhow, attracting visitors and making them dive into your cool services is one of the most important things to make your site or burger business so much renowned among the burger lover. And almost all of these themes are gonna provide you such all the tools functionalities and advantages.

Here, in this extended list, I have gathered the best professional and suitable responsive burger WordPress themes. I am hoping that these themes are enough to help you find a perfect and suitable burger-theme and create your burger-related site as you wish. If you have any questions for us, then feel free to contact us at any time.

Burger Slap [Trending Burger Theme]

Burger Slap - burger wordpress theme

To have all the crucial theme-features related to burger-niche, you have to choose a theme that is indeed built only for burger-related sites. And Burger Slap is one of the most perfect and suitable burger WordPress theme that has almost all the must-have features related to burger-niche that are enough to help you manage your burger-site easily and effortlessly.

The theme is coming with a bunch of essential and important functionalities to smoothly create your site with a few clicks of the mouse. It comes with a fresh and enlightening look that attracts and impresses the new guests within a few moments and persuades them to taste some burgers.

It also has a multi-use facility which means you can use the theme for burger, pizza or any sort of fast-food related sites very easily just by changing a few things as needed. Howsoever, let’s see some remarkable features packed with the theme in the following list.

Key Features:

  • Crafted with the utmost perfection of Bootstrap-based responsiveness and compatible with major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE.x, etc)
  • The most perfect one and absolutely burger niche related wp theme. So it can be the best choice for you
  • Very easy and handy to customize everything you want as the theme offers you a custom page builder named King Composer
  • Bundled with 2 different home page layouts, a bunch of inner pages, lots of blog examples, multiple shop styles to easily create your yummy shop page
  • 20+ elements shortcodes in order that any of your desired elements can be installed within a few milliseconds/seconds
  • Functional Revolution Slider included that is literally enough to make a very top-quality and functional slider
  • Unlimited colors ready, Google map ready, RTL ready, so much cool and soothing animations with parallax effect ready, and so more things ready
  • Professional developer support, detailed documentation help, and many more features come with the theme. Grab the theme now.



BURGY - burger theme wordpress

BURGY is also one of the most suitable and competent WordPress mobile-friendly themes for burger related sites that comes with a minimal and lightweight interface. If you are really interested in such kind of minimal and featherweight theme for your burger related site, this theme is the perfect solution for you.

However, though the theme somewhat lightweight yet it provides you several functional things to beautifully serve all the burger related services to the burger lovers.

You can beautifully showcase your yummy burgers on the main page where you can make one of the images bigger to feature. The awesome contact page allows you to set up a Google Map by indicating your shop’s locations placing your brand-logo.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly responsive and cross-browser compatible
  • Nicely and professionally coded with HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP having sorted blocks
  • Preloader effect to give the theme more attractive look
  • Three different types of food menu variations- Sandwich, Pizza, and Burger
  • Very easy to install firstly and so easy to control the options with a very simple and understandable theme option
  • Visual Composer included that helps you create pages by the Drag N Drop process
  • Support, documentation, and many more features.



BERG - burger theme

Along with exact niche related themes, versatile themes are also so popular to them who are interested to buy the theme one time and want to use it forever. The BERG comes with such versatile facilities related to restaurant with that you can easily make so many kinds of modern and professional restaurant-related sites.

Since the theme is a multi-purpose restaurant theme, it offers you a couple of pre-made demo variations with those demos you would be able to simply build up a standard and topnotch site in a matter of minutes.

One of the demos is for fast-food-related site that can be the perfect one for your burger related site. This demo is creatively crafted with tons of monumental functions advanced activities and soothing animations.

Key Features:

  • Extremely flexible and pliable layout along with responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility
  • Very professional and classic theme that allows any guest to navigate all the services nicely and fairly
  • Robust and powerful admin panel in order to maintain all the activities effortlessly
  • Very appealing and fascinating appearance, perfect colors fonts sizing and spacing, pixel-perfect positioning for all the elements
  • CSS3 animations and hover transitions having the real parallax background effect, smooth scroll effect, speed loading, pre-installed preloader, and so more animations
  • Reservation functionality to help the customers reserve a table remotely from anywhere at any time
  • Professional support, understandable documentation, and many more. To know more visit the links given below.



A colorful and stylish, cute and cool, smart and elegant, modern and standard, smart and decent, attracting and impressive, easy-to-use and easy-to-install, fascinating and tempting, multi-purpose and versatile burger theme suits for restaurant, cafe, frying, pizzeria, burger, any fast-food or any food-related site. Though contains multi-purpose facilities, yet most perfect for fast-food pizza and burger-related sites.

The theme gives you 5+ pre-built home page demos to differentiate and make your site distinguished from any other sites around you.

One demo absolutely related to burger-niche that could be your best friend if you think so just because of having rich and extensive sections and rich image-rooms, utmost user-friendly and handy fragments, search engine friendly codings, and so many things.

Key Features:

  • Utmost responsive and mobile-friendly templates with a glittering and glaring atmosphere
  • Very professional colors and illustrations that is a firstly attracting thing to the visitors
  • Ajax filtering option in order to avoid the extra lazy page-loading process
  • Extended sticky header section with short contact option and social media integration, glittering and spaced sections scroll nicely
  • Online order functionality is a great and a very fast process
  • WooCommerce functionality ready, Gutenberg ready, costly plugins ready, RTL ready, 700+ Google icons ready
  • Rich and full-width banner section on the burger demo that could be used to show up yummy burger(s)
  • 6 pre-made demos, light and dark color options, a couple of functional and superb product templates
  • Extensive documentation, support, and many more. Try the awesome burger theme today.



Foodo - burger wordpress theme

Foodo is a clean fresh and minimal-type but functional burger WordPress theme that also suits for pizza and any kind of fast-food related site. The theme is carefully designed and structured which allows you to create such a site that could make a buzzing-popularity among the burger lovers.

With this theme, you are going to get very edgy and effective options like one-page layout variation in order to showcase all the services and external-options just on one page.

Elementor page builder literally has earned great authenticity from thousands of customers around the world, it can help you create awesome and modern-like templates just by Dragging and Dropping the blocks, no need to know further coding. Let’s see some more features in the following list.

Key Features:

  • Fully responsive and cross-browser supported
  • 4 pre-defined demo templates with some unique and distinct features
  • A couple of header and footer variations with centered-logo and left-logo variations
  • The regular menu bar and mega menu with width-image placement
  • A very functional and classy slider on the burger-related demo that can showcase some of your featured burgers
  • Beautifully arranged all the fractions and sections having perfect spacing and sizing
  • Mail collecting opt-in form to collect the targeted customer’s e-mails
  • Monumental animations and parallax effect included
  • Premium support form support-team, extensive documentation, and many more.



Deliciko - fast food theme

Deliciko is a newly created and trending multi-purpose restaurant theme that allows you to create gorgeous and fascinating looks for your delicious site.

It offers 20+ main and inner pages having the one-click installation process to easily and effortlessly create any type of high-end site in a few minutes. The demo that displays the food-reviews is nicely arranged and sorted to show up your yummy recipes which is for you if you are interested in publishing so much fast-food-related reviews.

Moreover, it provides classic slider and informative fragments with modern and standard CSS animations and mouse-hover transitions that is a very attractive and soothing thing to hold the attention of the guests. And the theme comprises more amazing features that are enough to turn the new guests into regular customers quickly.

Key Features:

  • Very professional and top-quality restaurant theme that includes a lot of cool features
  • 4 pre-made demos, 4 different header variations, 3 food-menu variations, and much more inner pages
  • Perfect color integration and font installation- regular font and hunched font like the hand-writing style
  • Sticky header functionality acts when a couple of pixels are scrolled
  • Lots of shop page variations with eCommerce facility with the WooCommerce plugin
  • Functional reservation form and reservation button to shortly reserve any table from any of remote places
  • MailChimp plugin to create an online community with targeted customers mails
  • Video documentation, professional support, and many more come with the theme. Check out the theme now.



Borsmi - burger wordpress theme

Gaining authenticity and reliability from the customers is one of the crucial and indispensable things for all of the site owners. Because, the more your site increases its reliability, the more your site gains traffic and stays a long time online as an authority site.

And Borsmi offers you such facilities to make your site more stand-out and to make it more reliable to your customers. This wp theme that has some awesome restaurant-related advanced advantages comes with three unique built-in demos having a couple of different fragments.

The first demo provides you lightening and illuminating layout and the second one is crafted with somewhat transparent design and the last one is a mixture of the previous two. Anyhow, on the second demo, there is a beautiful video section to describe something about your site or business, filterable food categories, and many more.

The sliders of all the demos appear nicely such as the first slider with something unique and circular-type navigation and others are with small circle navigation, and so on.

Key Features:

  • 100% responsive design that contains almost zero error and major browser(Chrome, Safri, Opera, IE.x) compatible
  • Very professional and topnotch theme with a lightened and -type look
  • Three pre-made demos to uniquely customize the theme. Though pre-made demos, you can create your site as you wish
  • Import all the demo data easily just with one-click, no further bothering
  • Visual Composer included that means creating your site is a couple of mouse-clicks away
  • Templates built with latest versions of programming languages- HTML5, CSS3, and the flexible layout is with Bootstrap 3
  • Monumental parallax effect for so many sections and so more animations
  • Detailed documentation, great support team to help you within 24 hours. And many more. Check out it now.



Albertos is a minimal-type and differently designed WordPress fast-food theme that suits to pizza, burger, fries, and any other fast-food-related or restaurant-related site you say.

It has an awesome fullscreen interface layout that doesn’t scroll but is fixed with your whole screen and the main page shows up a rich slider that allows you to display some yummy and appetizing shots and a left sidebar with a couple of related pages.

The theme comes to help you primarily which means it can be used for the first use or for small-type burger shops as the theme gives you at a low price. Furthermore, it provides so more functional features as well. And some of them are as follows.

Key Features:

  • Though the theme is mostly perfect for pizzerias, can also be used for any other fast-food related sites such as for your burger site
  • Awesomely flexible and pliable on almost all the handheld devices
  • Coded and programmed carefully and keeping in mind about the minimalism
  • Social media icons integrated to make more traffics on social media along with your site
  • Comes with a Pizza page, just change it into Burger that is very simple and easy to use
  • Provides the contact page with a Google Map
  • Support, text documentation, and many more.



Pizzaro - burger theme wordpress

You know that pizza and burger are almost the same. Buy an awesome-looking modern and highly designed pizza theme and easily convert it into a burger site that is very easy and simple.

Besides, all the fast-food related themes are also the same thing, and this is why we have listed those related-themes as well. Howsoever, Pizzaro is a pizzeria related WordPress template that comes with several pizza-related awesome services and functionalities.

It has an awesome and superb user-friendly interface in order that anyone can simply navigate all the appetizing categories and dive into your cool items.

The header that is a firstly attracting thing to the visitors comes with 4 pre-defined header styles. That are a bulky header with easy contact details, a centered-logo header, a left-sided logo header, a left-sided vertical header, and so on. Footers also provide a couple of variations like the header.

Key Features:

  • One of the best selling and most rated WordPress themes related to pizza and fast-food
  • Mostly suitable for pizza-related sites but can be used for your burger site easily
  • Extremely mobile-friendly layout and cross-browser supported and gives utmost user-experience unlike others
  • Very well-commented inner source files. Any other developer could be able to change inner codes effortlessly
  • 7 pre-built main templates, 4 pre-made headers, 5 pre-made footers, 10+ shop page variations, and many more numbers
  • Bundled with 15+ shortcodes that helps you create any of the desired elements within a few clicks. No need to make manually
  • Built with SASS and all SASS are included
  • Very classic and foremost styles that have comprised professional colors, fonts, informative fragments, rich image placements, and so more.
  • Extensive documentation, awesome support, and many more features are packed with the theme that can’t be mentioned in this shortlist. Try this now.


Pizza Restaurant

Pizza Restaurant is a something colorful and cute wp theme that is named pizza but comes with two different demos where one of them was created just for burger-related sites.

Though the first one is for pizza, yet if your eye persuades to use it, then use it without any question. Pizza Restaurant offers very handy and user-friendly navigations and a powerful control panel to easily control the whole of your site.

You can display some yummy shots in a slider with a couple of soothing image-fading and text animations. You can install your food-menu in a different and unique style to make the new guests fall in love of your burger-items.

There is a very handy table booking button on the top-right corner that directs the user to a minimal but functional reservation form page from where anyone easily can book a table remotely. Let’s see some more mentionable features in the following list.

Key Features:

  • One of the most perfect and suitable themes for your burger site. Use it with no question
  • Comes with a flexible and pliable layout that looks awesome and pixel-perfect on the mobile and tablet devices
  • Developers created the theme in a different and distinct way with a colorful mixture
  • 2 pre-defined home page layouts- the first one is for pizza and the second one is for burger, 2 menu variations, lots of custom post-types, 99+ shortcodes
  • Build any sort of form you want as the theme offers a custom form builder tool
  • SEO ready, Google fonts ready, retina ready, unlimited color ready, and many more
  • Understandable documentation, developer support, and many more. Try it today.



Reon is a clean and fresh edgy and polished modern-looking and appealing wp theme for multi-purpose uses in the restaurant niche. The theme fully customizable and very easy-to-use all of the functions and tools and no need the time-consuming process.

It is so clear-cut and lightweight in its external view but so functional and bulky in its internal numbers. You will find a bunch of possibilities to create so many types of restaurant bistro and fast-food related sites as it provides 6 differently designed built-in demos with rich features and full-width sections.

You can simply change any of those function numbers and pieces of information, import a demo with one click and then change it into yours. Some of the great features are shortly in the list given below.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly Bootstrap 4 based responsive pixel-perfect and cross-browser supported
  • Beautifully sorted inner source files with understandable blocks
  • Easy to customize as the theme offers you one of the costly page builders named Elementor to visually build a page
  • Install any of the demos just by the one-click installation process
  • 5+ home page variations, 5 menu templates, 404 error page and coming soon page, 3 gallery pages, and two contact pages
  • Width & boxed layout ready, unlimited color ready, fancybox ready
  • Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7, Owl Carousel, etc are included
  • FontAwesome integrated that helps you set any sort of professional icons easily
  • Documentation, 24/7 support, and many more.


Grand Restaurant [Trending]

Grand Restaurant - fast food wordpress theme

Grand Restaurant is probably the most selling and trending restaurant theme that proves on the selling page. Having said that, the theme comes with a large number of functionalities inner-pages advanced privileges and many more useful plugins tools options animations, and many more.

If you are interested in such kind of theme which offers a versatile facility of restaurant niche, then this theme is the best solution for you, and no need to find a further theme.

The total description of the theme cant be described in this short review, even then some of them are listed below.

Key Features:

  • Very professional and extensive theme along with utmost user-friendly structures
  • All the templates are responsive and cross-browser compatible
  • W3c Valid all the programming codings- HTML5, CSS3, JS, etc and compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Robust and powerful backend admin panel that is enough to manage and control all the options and activities effortlessly
  • Install demos with one click and customize visually with the Drag N Drop system, no coding skills required
  • Lots of CSS animations hover transitions and smoothest parallax background effect
  • Online ordering and reservation system, Translation facility with WPML, Yoast SEO for the best SEO experience, MailChimp for mail collecting
  • Online and offline very extensive documentation, very professional support, and many more. Grab the theme now.


The Butcher

The Butcher - burger wordpress theme

As you know that meat and burger are accordant. And this theme provides you such a facility with that you can make your site for Steak Houses if you want or for Burger shops. Because the theme offers 4 different types of pre-made templates where one of them is named Burger Bomb built only for your burger site.

Anyhow, this burger theme is with a good number of functionalities to fairly create and manage your whole site. The header part along with a lightweight appearance is to display a top bar and a menu-bar with a rich banner where, in the menu-bar, you can list a regular menu or mega menu with a bunch of links.

The theme also provides several kinds of blog layouts such as- simple blog, blog with audio or video post that literally helps you to share videos about your yummy burgers, besides, it offers much more inner pages like a coming soon page that can be showed if your site is under construction. Let’s go through some of its functional features in the list given below.

Key Features:

  • Smoothly responsive (the menu bar looks good on smaller devices) and various browser supported
  • Coded with latest versions of programs- HTML5, CSS3, WordPress 4.9.x and w3c valid
  • 6 unique and professional colors with unlimited colors integration
  • One of the most popular and most efficient sliders Revolution Slider included that allows you to create so functional sliders easily
  • MailChimp plugin compatible in order to make an online community with targeted users
  • Superb support from the developer(s), documentation, and many more.



Barnelli is a minimalist but so modern and feature-rich WordPress theme. The theme offers a fully and beautifully flexible pliable responsive layout with the utmost external appealing view that is sufficient to make water in the mouth of your visitors.

Barnelli gives you almost all the facilities to make and maintain a burger related website with its crucial options. It’s awesome and uniquely designed full-screen layout with no scrolling page and so much functional and modernist slider with tons of slide and text animations could catch your eyes in no time.

Moreover, videos installing in the sliders, very simple and minimal menu templates, minimal reservation template, and more templates are very speedy and cool-looking. More mentionable features are as follows.

Key Features:

  • Very simple and minimal but so modern standard and latest wp theme
  • All of the pages reveal with the smoothest appearance that is enough to convey the theme to a top place in the marketplaces
  • Very professional coding practice and understandable source files
  • Mostly suitable for any kind of restaurant cafe tea-stall fast-food pizza or burger businesses
  • Sliders are mostly admirable just because of its animations and high-end navigations
  • 4 unique home page layouts, 3 sorts of grid layouts, social icons, custom background integration
  • Favicon also included that appears on the tab-bar with the page title
  • Map with multi-location, 24h/12h time formats, showing up the tag if opened or closed
  • Updates, support, documentation, and many more. Try the theme Barnelli today.



It is known to all of us that growing up any type of restaurant bistro or fast-food related business with a great and extra-ordinary online presentation is now being much available and almost every businessman or restaurateur is trying to use this effective way to reach their individual goals.

Picante is a gorgeous and attracting engaging and tempting classic and topnotch WordPress restaurant theme that can be enough to gain so many new visitors and such kind of quick success. It covers a bunch of advantages, staring and fascinating full-width sliders to show up some appetizing and yummy dishes.

Plus, quick and easy reservation system to book a table online remotely without a single phone call, and so more mentionable characteristics are as follows.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly mobile and sart devices friendly and cross-browser supported
  • The flexible layouts made with the Bootstrap FrameWork
  • Suits for restaurant bistro eatery fast-food shop and even for your burger shop and so on
  • 8 pre-built example templates, 6 pre-built header & 5 pre-built footer variations
  • Some costly and must-have plugins- Slider Revolution, WPBakery page builder, MailChimp for email opt-in form, and so on
  • Account making facility for the customers with sign-in option
  • Smooth scroll, awesome CSS animations, real parallax effect
  • Ajax search compatibility, multi-lingual ready, SEO ready, Sticky menu ready, child theme ready, and much more ready
  • Premium quality support, regular updates, documentation, and many more. Check out the theme now.



Gourmet - burger theme wordpress

Gourmet is a heavy and bulky comprehensive and extensive enlarged and feature-rich WordPress theme that comes with the versatile feature for restaurant and food-related niche. The theme comprises a great number of inner pages templates advantages and privileges so that anyone of you can effortlessly build a differentiated and most attractive website within a few minutes.

It offers 10+ built-in great demos that actually would help you to build a site as your mind, a couple of menu templates to display your yummy burgers, several types of blog templates with some unique and distinct designs having awesome single post variations.

Key Features:

  • One of the most extensive and heavy themes I have listed here that comes with such features that would be enough to create your distinguished WordPress burger site
  • Every single page is user-friendly and easy-to-use that look perfect on handheld devices
  • 130+ total pages, 4,000+ icons, 15+ portfolio variations, 12+ headers, and so many numbers
  • Latest browsers and WordPress version is available
  • So many essential elements- counters, countdown, sliders, accordions, lightbox, lots of typographies, and many more elements are crafted with the theme
  • Very very easy to customize any of pages and templates that requires zero coding knowledge
  • Longest and comprehensive documentation with 100+ pages, 24/7 support, and many more advanced features come with Gourmet. Check out the theme today.



Craggy - burger theme

You know what a multi-purpose theme does. A multi-purpose theme does a lot for you. Buy such a multi-concept theme and use it forever for multi-use. This is actually for you if you like to have any further business related to any other niches in the future.

Craggy comes with a large number of primary and inner pages with a couple of built-in multi-niche demos and tons of advantages. And one of the demos is indeed made just for your burger or fast-food related site with that you can easily make a top-quality burger site where you can place so many functionalities as the theme has the multi-possibility.

Besides, Craggy has the ultimate coding structure that has beautified the external look which is literally very eye-catchy & engaging and has a control panel to easily and simply control all the options of your site. Below are some of the awesome features bundled with the theme.

Key Features:

  • Superb features with pliable and mobile-friendly layout and also compatible with major browsers
  • 10+ pre-defined template variations where one of them could be suited for fast-food or burger related site
  • Customization requires no coding skills and offers the one-click demo import process
  • 20+ shortcodes for making any type of essential elements in no time
  • Smooth parallax animation and many more CSS animations
  • The multi-level dropdown menu that is enough to list a long menu if you have
  • Functional slider, table reservation, Bootstrap grid for flexibility, etc
  • MailChimp ready, Google Fonts ready, FontAwesome integrated, favicon ready, and many more
  • Support, documentation and many more come with Craggy. Check this out now.



This appealing fascinating and attracting WordPress theme named tamarind comes to make water in the mouth of the visitors. The burger WordPress theme offers you the one-page and multi-page possibility, if you want to display your services on a long landing page, this comes to help you do this. Howsoever, it has 5+ pre-made demos to make your site more distinguished and differentiated than others.

The home pages provide you various kinds of facilities like long-page with a large number of functionalities, centered logo left-sided logo and many more types of menu-bar having the sticky functionality.

A great number of gallery templates with like filtering zoom and so more options, image-box light-box carousels and many more elements, an animating Instagram feed on the footer, and many more. Some more functional features are as follows.

Key Features:

  • Responsive and cross-browser supported
  • Compatible with any type of fast-food or restaurant-related site
  • 5+ home demos, 5+ food-menu templates, a large number of galleries and elements, contact forms with single and multiple Google Map integrations
  • Several kinds of blog templates that help you publish any food-related blogs beautifully if you like
  • CSS animations, real parallax background effect, and many more animations come with the theme
  • The demo installation process is just one click away from you and customization is also visually at the speed of lightning
  • Support, documentation and many more. Download the theme now.


Italian Radhuni

Italian Radhuni - fast food wordpress theme

Italian Radhuni is a modern stylish and polished WordPress responsive theme suited for restaurant cafe bistro pizza burger related business. The theme includes two unique and different demos that are very impressive and amazing in design, appetizing and yummy look because of its enlarged and widened sections.

It helps you create your site search engine optimized and more attractive to the visitors so the visitors stay on your site at least a few seconds like a burger-hunter. Besides, it comprises more superb features as follows.

Key Features:

  • Very classic and modern wp restaurant theme with top-quality user-experience
  • Bootstrap-based mobile-friendly layout and major browser supported
  • Compatible with the updated version of WordPress and Gutenberg supported
  • Open table reservation system so that any customer can remotely book a table
  • Opening hours and Google map integrated contact form ready
  • Functional and powerful backend control panel to fairly manage the whole of your site
  • Fullwidth layout and boxed layout ready, 600+ Google fonts ready, must-have shortcodes ready, one-page and multi-page ready
  • Costly revolution Slider ready to make awesome and standard sliders
  • An awesome font bundle FontAwesome integrated
  • Very fast and professional support, documentation help, and many more. Try the theme now.



Livekitchen - burger wordpress theme

If you are looking for such a burger theme that is with so functional and innovative slider on the main page as the first attraction to the guests, Livekitchen is the perfect one for you. Because the theme is crafted with such an awesome slider on the very first page. Howsoever, making your site like a pro and managing all the activities is very easy.

You can show up your yummy foods on the menu templates and you also can share events on the event page. If you like to have a coming soon page while creating your site, then it provides you such a page with the countdown system. Below are some of its mentionable features.

Key Features:

  • Smart and elegant interface with the responsive and flexible layout
  • Comes with 3 built-in demos, extended contact page, shop variations, 404 and coming soon page
  • One-click demos installation process and no need to know even a single line of code
  • Inner source files are beautifully sorted and arrayed so any other developer can easily understand the inner of the whole codes
  • The Drag N Drop page building process that doesn’t require the time-consuming process
  • Unlimted colors, social sharing system, jump to top smoothly button, translation ready
  • SEO ready with the Yoast plugin that helps you make the pages SEO optimized simply
  • W3 Total cache and WP Supercache plugin support, online documentation, and many more.



Dish is a lightened lightweight and primary quality restaurant WordPress theme that offers your almost all the restaurant-related facilities and privileges at a low price. This theme can be used for your restaurant or fast-food-related site for the first use. Use it for the first time and get awesome basic facilities easily.

This theme is crafted with the WPML plugin to translate your site to many foreign languages, 4+ pre-made demos for your better creating experience, 60+ custom shortcodes, 5+ custom widgets, and so more.

Key Features:

  • Responsive and flexible layout on the handheld and small devices with cross-browser compatibility
  • Build with the good practice of HTML CSS and jQuery and all the codes are coded professionally
  • Very high-end slider named Nivo and Flex Slider included with the Revolution Slider
  • Shortcodes generator ready, 600+ Google Fonts ready, multilingual ready
  • Create your food menu in a matter of a few minutes
  • PSD files also packed with the main file
  • Developer support, text documentation, and many more.



Little bit different from childhood to learn somewhat diversified and interesting things. And like to have several interesting and excellent computer skills like graphic design, VFX, web design N development. Have experiences in front-end design (with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery), PHP, WordPress theme development, and trying to gain more related efficiency as well.

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